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Royal Repair offers introductory answers to frequently asked questions about our “Repairs” and “Services”. Click on a subject heading below to view questions and answers relating to your selection. Links throughout the answers will guide you to further information on our website or from other sources. Should you have any further questions, please consult our Contact Us Page.

Check Out our “Royal Answers Here” to get answers or ask tough questions about Technology.

This is a free service. We research the answers to your tough questions and post the best possible solution in our knowledge-base.  Our community can search our Historical Knowledge-base for answers to the tough questions related to Tech and Electronics. Read or search our “Knowledge-base Here”

Visit our Self Help “Tech Community Forum HERE” to ask the tech community for help or advice; relating to technology.

♦Discussions may range from mods s; Jailbreak s; Unlock s; repairing electronics; news about technology; and new to market devices.
♦Our Forum is a place for tech savvy individuals to meet and discus topics having to do with electronics, repairs, and tech.
♦We are the Monterey Peninsula and the Bay Area California Tech Community. All are welcome
♦Please feel free to post to our forum to reach out to the tech community.

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Business Information

Q: Where is your location?
Q: What are your hour of operation?
Q: How can I contact you?
Q: Can I contact you after business hours?
Q: Why would I choose “Royal Repair” over another company?
Q: Do I need to make an appointment or do you accept Walk-In customers?
Q: Is your business licensed?
Q: Are you “Accredited”
Q: Who is the “BBB”
Q: Do you accept Credit Cards?
Q: Do you accept checks?
Q: Do you accept PayPal?

Pricing Questions

Q: Do you charge sales tax on repairs?
Q: Do you charge sales tax on merchandise?
Q: What kind of prices should I expect for your Service and Repairs?
Q: How affordable are your prices compared to the competition?
Q: How can your business afford to be so competitive and have such affordable prices?
Q: What is “Flat Rate Pricing” and what are the benefits to the customer?
Q: Do you charge hourly rates for any services?
Q: How can you maintain your high quality while offering such affordable prices?
Q: What if another company is charging less for the same repair?
Q: Do you match competitors prices and Promotions?

Our Company and Divisions.

Q: What does your main company “Royal Savings Direct” specialize in?
Q: What does your Sub-Division ”Royal Repair” specialize in?
Q: What does your Sub-Division “Royal Repair Online” specialize in?
Q: What does your Sub-Division “Royal Fast Cash” specialize in?
Q: What does your Sub-Division “Royal Textbooks For Cash” specialize in?

Warranty Information

Q: Does my repair come with a warranty?
Q: Do you offer warranties on water damaged devices or work performed on water damaged device?
Q: What is your RSD insurance?
Q: Can I purchase an extended warranty?
Q: What should I do if I am unhappy with my service or repair?

General Repair Questions

Q: Which devices do you offer repairs and service on?
Q: What type of Services does your company offer?
Q: What type of repairs does your company offer?
Q: How long does it take to repair my device?
Q: Do you keep repair parts in stock?
Q: If a part has to be ordered, how long will it take to repair the device?
Q: Do you repair water damaged devices?
Q: Can you provide instructions and advice if I am trying to fix something myself and need help?
Q: Where do you get your parts that you use for your repairs?
Q: Does your company perform On-Site repairs and installations?
Q: What happens if my device gets damaged while in your possession or while undergoing repair?
Q: What kind of precautions does your company take to ensure my device will not get damaged while in your possession?
Q: What if more issues are found while performing my repair; will I be contacted prior to any additional repairs that need to be performed?
Q: Do you perform cosmetic repairs such as casing and button replacement?

“Mail-In Repair” service (Royal Repair Online)

Q: Who is “Royal Repair Online”?
Q: Does your company accept “Mail-In Repairs”?
Q: Where can I find out more about your “Mail-In Repair” service?
Q: What devices do you repair in your “Mail-In Repair” service?
Q: Can I print a prepaid shipping label off your website to send you my device for repair?
Q: Who Pays for shipping on Mail-In Repairs?
Q: What is the turn around time on a mail in repair? (How long does it take?)
Q: Do you offer warranties on mail in repairs?
Q: Can I check the status of my repair and tracking information online?

Unlocking-Flashing-Tethering-Rooting -Jail breaking (Services for Smart-phones)

Q: Can you unlock phones to other carriers?
Q: I am going overseas. Can you unlock my phone so I can use it in another country?
Q: What is a Gevey Sim?
Q: Do you jailbreak iPhone s and ipods?
Q: Do you guys flash phones to metro?
Q: Can your company; Root, Mod, Tether, and flash smartphones?
Q: Do you offer advise on best practices for performing the above services myself for FREE?

Computer Services & Repair Questions

Q: Do you offer Free Diagnostic and Consultations on your repairs and services?
Q: I am not sure what is wrong with my computer what should I do?
Q: What kind of free services and software downloads do you offer?
Q: Do you repair PC’s and MAC’s?
Q: Do you repair Tablets?
Q: Do you repair Phones and Smart-phones?
Q: Do you repair “Video Game Systems and Handheld” ?
Q: My power jack is broken on my laptop; Can you fix it?
Q: Do you fix broken LCD Screens on laptops?
Q: I think a component is broken on my computer; can you fix it?
Q: Can you recover my password on my computer?
Q: I think my computer has a virus; what should I do?
Q: My computer is running slow can you speed it up?
Q: Can you recover information off my hard drive if my computer crashed?
Q: I would like help backing up my hard drive?
Q: I need to upgrade my operating system?
Q: I want to upgrade my computer what should I do?
Q: Does your company offer Computer Upgrade Services?
Q: Can you perform any services remotely through your website such as speeding up my computer or identifying and issue?
Q: What is “Remote Assistance”?

“One-on-One” Lessons, Tutorials, and Consultations

Q: What kind of “One on One” lessons & consultations does your company offer?
Q: I need advice on upgrading my computer (Free)?
Q: Can I bring my device in for a “Free Diagnostic”?
Q: Do you also provide lessons and advise on how to use my programs such as Photoshop, Peach-Tree, Microsoft Office, Excel, Outlook, and more?
Q: I am a novice computer user can you help me learn how to use my computer?
Q: How much do you charge for your “One-on-One” Services?

(On-Site) Home or Office - Repairs, Installations, and Services

Q: -  What kind of “On-Site” Home & Business – Services & Repairs do you offer?

Q: - Installation:

    • What devices do you help to install in Home or Business’?

Q: - Networking :

    • I want to use my WiFi to  connect all my; computers, printers, TV’s, and other devices to each other on one Home or Business network?
    • I wont to be able to stream my music, photos, and files to each device through WiFi?
    • I need help sharing my printers with all my devices through WiFi so I can print from all my devices on the same printer?

Q: - Connecting/Setup/Installation:

    • TV wall mounts, wireless installation and set up
    • Computer system installation and Hook-Up
    • Printer Set-Up and Wireless networking
    • Sound System installation and Hook Up

Q: I need help {Installing, Networking, Connecting} my { TV, Printer, Computer}
Q: Can you pick up and drop off my devices at my location so it can be repaired without me having to bring it to you?
Q: Can you send a tech to my location for computer services and repairs?

Small Business Solutions and IT Support

Self Help (Do it Yourself)

Q: I would like to buy a part from you so I can fix my computer myself. Do you sell parts?
Q: Do you sell parts to repair iPhone s and Smart phones?
Q: Can you offer advise and help for how to repair my device myself?
Q: Why is it better to order my repair part through your company?
Q: How can I contact you if I need some advice or help?
Q: Why do you help people with their home projects and repairs for free?
Q: What other resources do you provide to help me with my own repairs and projects?
Q: What is your “Tech Community Forum”?
Q: What is your ”Royal Answers” Free Service?
Q: What if I need specialized help?
Q: What kind of “One on One” lessons & consultations do you do?
Q: Do you also provide lessons and advise on how to use my programs such as Photoshop, Peach-Tree, Microsoft Office?
Q: Do you charge for specialized “One on One” Lessons & Consultations?
Q: Will I need to make an appointment to use your “One on One” Services?

“Tech Community Forum” Help, Advice, and Questions?

Q: I am a Do-It yourself-er and need help in performing my own repairs. Does your company offer a knowledge base and a Forum for Q: people like me?
Q: What is your companies goal for your Forum?
Q: What kind of topics might I find on your forums?
Q: Can I post my own questions and answers on your forum?
Q: I am a tech savvy person and would like to meet and comunicate with like minded people; is your forum that kind of place?
Q: Is your forum for people local to Monterey Salinas, CA area or for people throughout the USA?
Q: Can I search other users questions and answers on your forum?

Visit Forum Here

“Royal Repair Answers” A Free Historical Knowledge-base of answers. Ask us anything.

A “Free” Service. We research the answer and give you the best possible solutions. Questions range from; “How To”, “Software”, “Self Repair”, and “Technical” related questions.

Q. - How does your “Royal Repair Answers” work?
Q. – What is your companies goal with your “Royal Repair Answers” Historical Knowledge-Base?
Q – Does your company re-search the answers posted to your Knowledge-Base, prior to posting the answer for all to see?
Q – What if my question is very complicated?
Q – What if I need a direct answer to a question regarding a self repair; will your company provide me with answers to the best method I could use to complete my task?
Q – Can I search other users historic questions and answers on your knowledge-base?

Visit Royal Answers Here

iPhone and Smartphone Service and Repair Questions

Q – Which models of iPhone does your company repair and service?

    • iPhone: What repairs and services do you offer?
    • Can You unlock iPhone s to other carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile?
    • Can you jailbreak my i-Device?
    • Do you keep parts in stock for iPhone s?
    • How long does a repair take for iphones?

Q – Which models of Smart-phone does your company repair and service?

    • Smartphone: What repairs and services do you offer?
    • Can you unlock smartphones to other carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile?

Q – Do you offer a free diagnostic and quotes prior to performing any repair?

Q – Do you repair water damaged phones?

iPod, Tablet, Handheld, and Game system Service and Repair Questions

Q – iPod: What models does your company repair and service?
Q -TABLET: What Brands and models does your company repair and service?
Q -Handheld Video Game System:What models and brands does your company repair and service?
Q -Video Game Consoles: What Brands and Models does your company repair and service?
Q -Do you offer a free diagnostic and Quote prior to performing any repair?
Q -What if more issues are found while performing my repair; will I be contacted prior to any extra cost or repairs that may be required?

Water Damage Device Repair Questions

Q: What TO DO if my device has water damaged?
Q: What TO “NOT” DO if my device has water damage?
Q: Can you explain the process used to repair water damaged devices?
Q: Why does Royal Repair offer the absolute best chance to actually fix your water damaged device?
Q: What is the success rate of fixing a water damaged device?
Q: What if my water damaged device is unable to be repaired?
Q: Is there a fee even if my water damaged device is not fixable?
Q: If my water damaged device is not fixable will your company offer me a fair price for the salvageable parts?
Q: What is an ultra sonic cleaner?

Accessories Merchandise and Repair Parts

Q: Do you carry different colors of replacement parts for my iPhone such as a pink casing or screen?
Q: Where do you get your repair parts?
Q: Are you parts and merchandise premium quality?
Q: What does OEM mean?
Q: What kind of Merchandise do you sell?
Q: Do you sell hard to find chargers and accessories?
Q: What if I attempt the repair myself? Can I purchase parts from you?

Free Services, Merchandise information, and Assistance

Q: Free Downloads

    • Can you provide me with free virus software and what other free software can I download from your site?

Q: Free Services

    • What free services do you offer?

Q: Free Merchandise

    • You give away free merchandise?

Q: Why does your company offer so many free services?

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