Why us?

We can trace our companies success to a few key elements; trust, affordability, quality, efficiency, and knowledge.

If you are still wondering Why Us.We love what we do and to us this is not a job but a passion. In our trade many companies have come and gone. We were among the first in our trade and have seen firsthand the short term vision of companies that have since gone out of business. Us on the other hand, well we are still here and doing better than ever.

Why are we still around you may ask yourself. Well the answer to that is simple. Our vision for our company is future orientated. Each new customer is a potential future customer. Other companies try to profit as much as possible on any one customer and may take advantage of un-weary customers. Us on the other hand, well we want your business for years to come.

?Fast Friendly Service

Many of our repairs can be performed in 30 minutes and we offer 15 minute service on certain repairs. Some repairs require longer waits but our customers know our efficiency is one aspect that sets our company apart. Our experience allows us to perform repairs in a timely manner while maintaining the highest quality. Our Techs love what they do and because of this our demeanor is always pleasant. Our repairs are performed on antistatic mats and your device will be treated with the utmost care. We put our customers first and their satisfaction is our top priority.

?Professional Repairs

Our company has many years of experiance in our trade. Our company is a pioneer in a new and exciting industry; “Smart Device Repair”. Few companies can proclaim to have as broad a range of services such as the ones we offer. Our experience and know how is what allows us to do what many other places would not even attempt. We are proud to say we have re-written the book on what a repair company can do and we are proud to be leaders in our trade.  Our knowledge allows us to repair not only computers but smart-devices such as; Cell-Phones, Tablets, PC, Mac, iPod, and Video Game Systems.  

?Affordable Price

Our flat rate repair strategy is one thing that sets our company apart. Never will our customers be tacked with a huge bill after the repair is complete. We will never charge before the repair is completed unless a part needs to be ordered.  Our customers know how much the repair will cost prior to any work being performed. Our prices are competitive and we will always provide our customers with the highest value. Our goal is to meet or beat any competitors price while maintaining the highest quality in service and parts.  The reason we do this is because we know that our customers will always come back to us for all their repair needs.    

WarrantySatisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind our repairs, service, and parts. Our parts come with a 6 month replacement or refund warranty.We also gaurantee to take responsibility for the device while it is in our possession. Our warranty forces us to take extra precautions when fixing and handling the device which is good for the cusotmer. In order for us to offer this kind of warranty we have to use quality parts, perform our repairs with the highest precision, and handle the device with the utmost care.  All of these things should be expected by any repair company but few can afford to offer it. We know in order for us to be successful we need to put our customers first. Any issue that a customer has will be  fixed even if it involves us losing money. We would rather lose money than a customer.


Our company will never charge to diagnose the root cause of the issue plaguing the device in need of repair. We will give our expert advise on what action to take and how much it will cost. Since we have many years of experience we know what the issues are based on the symptoms of the device. We use multi-meters, diagnostic tools, Continuity testers, and other devices to find the root cause of the malfunction. We save our customers money by being accurate with our diagnosis. If the customer decides to allow us to perform the repair or not at least they will know; what the issues are with the device, what steps should be taken to fix it, and if the investment to perform the repair is financial worth while.

Trust: Trust is the key to our business. Our company is fully licensed and a proud member of the Better Business Bureau. We put our track record for all to see. With our testimonials section of our website, Facebook, Trustlink, and Yelp; our track record over the years is exceptional. Part of the reason for this is our policy of fixing any issue a customer may have with our service.

Affordability: Our pricing strategy is common sense for us but seems to be a lost art for other profit orientated companies. Our strategy is simple; if we can make a small profit and gain a lifetime customer then we have done our job. Other companies may max their opportunity to make a large profit and overcharge an unsuspecting customer.

Quality: We have been in business for many years and know what we are doing. We offer warranties on our service and use quality parts in our repairs. In many cases we use original manufacture parts when these parts are available. We have a long track record with our vendors and suppliers which mean we know the parts we get are of the highest quality possible.

Efficiency: Our employees have been with our company a long time and have extensive training in their field. With the knowledge of how to do our job also comes speed and efficiency. We carry many parts in stock so that our customers do not have to wait for their repair to be completed. We are very fast and efficient at what we do.

Knowledge: If you love what you do then you learn how to do it faster and better each day. We fix electronics all day every day so over the years our knowledge has been compounded with each new repair. We pride ourselves in being the go to company for our customers Technical needs. If anyone can do it, we can. We love to help our customers and don’t charge for friendly advice. If you are stuck on anything related to computers or smart devices, just ask and we will help free of charge.(Keep in mind if it is a lengthy lesson that you need we have to charge for our consultation)

Nerd—Techy—Computer Jock—Brainiac–Geek. These are not bad words to us. Yes we are all of those words and more. We love what we do and have unknowingly been training for this job our whole lives. This is not a job to us but every day brings us new knowledge which we absorb. We get paid to do what we love and help the rest of you with ever more complicated devices. Even when we are off work we find ourselves learning more about computers in our spare time. If we have never done a certain repair, we know how to learn how to do it. Most importantly we understand the general principles in all electronics and what makes them work or not. Right away we can see what the issue is just by looking at the symptoms of the device. This makes our diagnostics fast and accurate; oh and by the way the diagnostic is FREE!

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